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Top Trends Within Event Hire 2019

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Top Trends Within Event Hire 2019

Whether you’re a party planner, venue manager or someone who is organising their own party, you will understand the enthusiasm and rise in popularity in event hire trends that have taken over this past year. Parties seem to becoming more and more lavish, crazy and desired, the traditional parties do not only cover weddings and birthdays, but we have noticed the increase and demand for event hire for baby showers, christenings, engagement parties and bridal showers. We look into some of the top trends 2019 have given and why they are becoming so popular.

Flower Walls

Flower walls have swept across all of our Instagram feeds, made popular by celebrities and influencers, inspired by some of the most lavish weddings such as the Kardashians which has inspired others and become an essential prop within event hire for any party. Flower walls are a gorgeous statement piece you can incorporate into your celebrations, whatever the occasion, as well as giving your guests something fun to pose in front of, there really is no better way to wow your guests by introducing a stunning floral backdrop and creating memorable photographs to treasure for years to come.

Illuminated Letters

Light up the night with some illuminated letters that have paved their way through the event hire industry, you can be as creative as you wish with these. However, some of the most popular examples of these letters have been used for weddings, spelling out words such as ‘love’, ‘Mr and Mrs’, initials or newly wedded name. This is another great way to create an unrestricted statement piece within your party decoration. Other uses of these letters can be with numbers for a big birthday celebration.

Balloon Arches and Balloon Personalisation

Balloons have also been a recognisable trend 2019 has had to offer, big balloons, moulded to an arch, personalised balloons and rooms filled with tonnes of helium balloons are just some of the examples this ballooning trend has covered. Balloons have always been a popular way of decoration for special occasions, however, the year of 2019 has upped the ante on decorations. Huge colourful balloon arches, garlands, walls and columns have continuously made their way through blogs, Instagram posts and become increasingly popular.

Candy Carts and Doughnut Walls

Making your event more fun by incorporating a tasty doughnut wall and candy cart can seriously upgrade your buffet style. Candy floss and popcorn machines are also other ideas we have seen crop up this year. These are all amazing ways of adding a sense of fun and personalisation for your guests to enjoy. Whether it’s for a wedding, baby shower or birthday, these accessories are easy to implement and personalise for any occasion.


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