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The Types of Chair Perfect for Event Hire

Chairs can sometimes be left to the wayside when an event is being organised. Depending on the event itself, you could be first thinking of the setting, the conference speakers, or the logistics of getting all of your guests together in the same room. Chairs are still incredibly important, though, as they can offer welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of events.

If you’re putting on an event and are looking to pick out the perfect chair, keep reading the latest blog post from Jaspers Event Hire below as we use our industry expertise to help.


an image of a gold camelot chair

The Camelot chair, which can be found under many different names and a few slight variations in appearance, is commonly found at weddings and other events of this kind. It’s elegant and presentable therefore making it the perfect fit for those looking to style their event in a traditional fashion.

Many colour options are usually available from those that stock the chair meaning it can often be ‘dressed up’ or ‘dressed down’ depending on the formality of your event. Speaking of dressing up, these can be a common choice for draping at weddings and other ceremonies as the gaps in the back allow for easy attachment of fabrics.


an image of the Jaspers Hire Ltd conference chair

As the name suggests, conference chairs are generally found in conference settings. They’re classic and will fit into most rooms. They’re not really the focus and style isn’t often the height of importance at conferences and more corporate events, so they do their job perfectly. With padding on both the back and the seat itself, they are also usually comfortable for sitting for sustained periods of time.

Although they might most commonly be used for conferences, conference chairs are a popular choice for weddings and other more stylish events as they can be an easy option for draping and dressing up. When you consider the comfortability, it makes sense.

Wooden Benches

an image of a wooden bench

Wooden benches have risen drastically in popularity in recent years as it has become increasingly stylish and trendy to host a wedding that is rustic. They don’t bring much to the table when it comes to comfort, but when style is most important they are a fantastic option.

Having ‘communal seating’ can also help for creating an event that feels intimate and connected, which can be perfect for cosy winter weddings for example.

Wooden Folding

an image of a wooden folding chair

Another common example that follows a recent theme of rustic styling for events, wooden folding chairs are ideal for a few different occasions. Such as for example, large events that are outside and quite casual are the perfect setting as folding chairs are simple and classic.

They can come in a few different colours or finishes, which means they should be able to fit into the theme and styling approach you’re going for too.

A Few Key Considerations

As with many styling choices you’ll make while putting on an event, there is a lot of noise to cut through and it can be frustrating to consider that most people won’t even pay attention to the appearance of the vessel upon which they sit. However, if you take into consideration your personal preferences, and a few key, practical pieces of advice, you’ll be sitting pretty.

Think about comfort, quantity within your budget, size, colour, style, and your choice of tables, and you should be able to find the right chair for you.

Jaspers Event Hire

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