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Event Ideas – Choosing the Right Theme for Your Gathering

The process of collating event ideas is often strenuous, and unfruitful. You’re looking to plan your perfect wedding, party, or gathering, and it just isn’t coming together. Thankfully, here at Jaspers Hire Ltd, we have serviced thousands of events and have come to understand the right combinations of furniture and styling to match your ideal theme. Take a look at our event ideas below:

an image of a rustic wedding setting


Rustic styling is something that is growing exponentially in terms of popularity; along with the ‘shabby chic’ and DIY look, we’re all inclined to some exposed wood and repurposed pallets. This idea is one for those that enjoy straying from the norm and juxtaposing, seemingly, unrelated themes and settings in order to stamp their personality on an event.

Our range of benches and tables reflect perfectly the style that is growing, which is why we brought them in. We also have our range of ‘Casablanca’ glasses and ‘Harley’ cutlery that perfectly complement the untreated wood furniture. Surprisingly, a rustic look can work well with almost any event. The implementation of rustic styling offers a surprise to guests at a wedding, for example, which can shatter any expectations and make for a less-serious, more fun night overall.

an image of a traditional wedding

Classic or Traditional

There is a reason that some things just don’t go out of fashion, and that is why classic decor is applicable to each and every event; it’s traditional for a reason. You might be looking to replicate the traditional wedding setting, or set a formal precedent for an evening banquet, so deciding on traditional fixtures in these applications is certainly advised.

Naturally, you might feel pigeonholed by a traditional theme, but there are many variations, both large and minute, that allow for you to decide what is right for you and your evening. For example, opting for oblong tables is less traditional than round tables, but it’s still classic and will not look out of place at a formal event. Similarly, you can opt for white or ivory linen and have the choice between our ‘camelot’ or ‘bentwood’ chairs.

an image of a contemporary wedding


Contemporary events usually lend themselves to the minimal side of the spectrum of decoration. This facet of event ideas is wholly dedicated to those that enjoy the refinement of the traditional. A contemporary theme allows for a more traditional approach than that of a rustic styling, but still offers scope to differentiate from what may be expected.

Simplicity and cleanliness are really the fundamentals of contemporary design, which is why our conference chairs are particularly suited to this style. You can then make your event even more personal with our ‘quadro’ crockery, which brings in the refinement of a contemporary theme. Much as is true with classic styling, you can also take your pick of round and oblong tables in order to best suit the space or personal preference.

Event Ideas

Your event is your own to arrange, style and execute – which is why the aforementioned are simply guidelines. There are even further options for events, such as a bar-like setup with stools and poseur tables, or even something as quirky as using garden furniture with a BBQ theme. The opportunities are truly endless.

Since the opportunities are endless, here at Jaspers Hire Ltd we endeavour to offer as much advice and support throughout the organisation of your event as we can. If you’d like to hear more about the hire items we offer, please get in touch. You can visit our items page, call us on 01582 749966 or fill out our simple contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!